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Where To See Santa In Calgary

Santa Clause in Calgary

Santa will be making a ton of appearances in Calgary over the course of November and December. Don’t miss your chance to catch up with him so your kids can tell him how good they’ve been all year and let him know what they’d like to see under the tree!

Take a look at our Santa Sightings listings for a run-down on where the jolly man in the red suit will be this holiday season!


  1. I see that you made comment about the Santa at Marketmall from a few years back. He is the best. Last year he went to Southcenter. I was there earlier this week. He is not there… any news on where that perfect Santa went to… he was the one with the blue eyes. My kids have pictures with him for the last 6 years and I really wanted one more with him.

  2. Bass Pro Santa was great! Very authentic and their setup for Santa village is really nice.

  3. Market Mall definitely has the best Santa!!! He looks so authentic, and he is extremely patient. The pictures do cost a fair bit, but 100 percent of the sales go to the Ronald Mcdonald House. I go to him every year, he is the best Santa I have seen in all my life. I cross my fingers he is the same one again this year. He’s been there for at least the past three years (certainly could be 20 years, but my kid is only 3 lol). I might have to check out the Ikea one now too though…thanks Tara.

  4. At Bas Pro is Santa every day until Christmas there????

  5. Hi Folks,
    I just have to put a little plug in for Ikea. I don’t know what the date would be for 2011 but in years past I have taken my two little ones to Ikea for the benefit of their cheap breakfast and their 20 dollar Christmas tree… and have hit the Santa jackpot! Santa arrives, a free picture is taken (perhaps this might change), a 5X7 wooden Ikea picture frame is provided for the kids to decorate and they are given the traditional candy cane. Did I mention that this was all for free!

  6. P.S. Bass Pro has a free 5×7 too, with their logo, and options to order more online.

  7. Bass Pro was awesome; the santa that was there yesterday had a real beard and was very kind. check the hours as they don’t start photos until 3pm for a couple of weeks here until Dec I think.

    • Yes, definitely contact the venue before heading out. Santa is not always at his post during mall hours. Sometimes he will only appear for a few hours each day. Be sure to call in advance. We don’t list times because they can change after they have been posted.

    • According to their website he starts at 3pm M-F, 10am on Saturday and Noon on Sunday until Nov 27 when he starts every day at 10am.