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Calgary Zoo | The Penguins Are Here!

Since membership has its benefits, Grady and I decided to take part in one of the members’ only previews to see the Penguin Plunge before the exhibit opens to the public February 17, 2012. I was excited to go but also a bit nervous that they wait might be long.

I would love to show you all the fabulous shots we got and how great the facility is but they asked that we don’t share photos until after the grand opening. I get that they want to keep it a secret. I have to say though it is pretty awesome. So make sure you plan to go. The penguins will be at the zoo permanently so you will have lots of time.

I don’t know if this will always be the case but you can take your wagon and stroller through the exhibit which is a nice departure from other exhibits with “stroller parking” where you have to try and grab all your stuff and haul that and your kids inside (although most people ignore those signs which is annoying to people like me who don’t) In any case the exhibit it set up really well and people were very respectful of giving the kids a chance to see everything.

I’m not going to give anything away – sorry. But I will say it is a must see and goes a long way towards redeeming the Calgary Zoo in the eyes of anyone who may not think they are trying to be a world class conservation facility.


Penguin Plunge 2
So go to a preview if you are member, we found no line up during the week and we had lots of time to enjoy. And if not well you don’t have too long to wait to welcome the four species of penguins to Calgary!

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  1. We will definitely be going! We had planned on going to the members only but too many of our family group didn’t have the membership and we all want to see the kids when they see the penguins the first time. Can’t wait!!!