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Family Fun Calgary is a complete resource of events and activities for your family to enjoy in Calgary and surrounding areas!

Good Earth’s Gingerbread Families Help Real Families

Good Earth Coffeehouse wants to put some sugar and … [Continue Reading]


Christmas Through the Lougheed House

From November 28th until December 21st, 2014, take … [Continue Reading]


Bounce into the Holiday Spirit at Springfree Trampoline

Bounce into the holiday spirit at the Calgary … [Continue Reading]

Springfree Trampoline Christmas Party

Enchanted Parties | What birthday party dreams are made of

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Latest News & Reviews in Calgary

Calgary Corn Maze Birthday Parties

Calgary Corn Maze Birthday Parties

Last year, for my daughter’s fourth birthday, we held a party in our home for the first time. I vowed afterward it would also be the last. Getting the house ready so it was in presentable condition for company (meaning no one would impale their feet on random duplo or Mr. Potato Head accessories) and the […]

Animatronic Dinosaurs Coming To the Calgary Zoo This Spring

Animatronic Dinosarus Coming To the Calgary Zoo This Spring

The dinosaurs have disappeared! Not just the real ones from millions of years ago, but rather Prehistoric Park at the Calgary Zoo. Have no fear however – even though the popular collection is currently closed to the public, it will re-open in March 2015 with some new faces – and animatronic bodies. This spring, the […]

Boston Pizza’s Kids Cards are coming to Calgary

Boston Pizza Kids Card

There is a general consensus in my house: if we are ever only able to eat one thing for the rest of our lives, that thing will be pizza. These are the things you learn trapped in a car on a road trip. I know how fortunate we are to have a family that is […]

U of C Dinos Athletics

U of C Dinos

  Want to have a fun outing at a sporting event with the family but find the prices for professional sports games too much? The University of Calgary Dinos Athletic teams are great value and you’re supporting the local community. With multiple teams and many home dates, there’s sure to be something that fits your […]

Image Square Rental and Print Services

Canon Image Square

In my head, I’m Annie Leibovitz. I take photo after photo of my family, both at home and while we’re off on adventures. My biggest issue has always been that I want to document these moments, but am not necessarily prepared to buy all of the professional-level equipment that I’d use only on the occasions […]

Super Duper Playground Opens in Calgary

Super Duper Playground Opens in Calgary

It’s not just regular old fun, it’s super fun! The Super Duper Playground is a new indoor play and party centre that recently opened in Calgary. The playground celebrates active play, with a colourful play structure, an obstacle course,  a triple slide, riding cars and Super Fun House Mirrors, where kids can entertain themselves making funny […]

The Brainasium at TELUS Spark


There’s a new playground opening in Calgary and this one is designed with the brain in mind. The Brainasium is a year-round space open at TELUS Spark and is meant to expand kids’ knowledge of sound, physics and simple machines. We had a chance to get a sneak peek of the new area and as […]

Biking the Bow River Pathway with Kids

Biking the Bow River Pathway -biking SE near Pearce Estate

I’ve always known the Bow River Pathway to be a popular commuter route for cyclists heading downtown to work. Beyond that, I was curious if one of Calgary’s most popular pathways would be suitable for a leisurely family bike ride, or if my five year old son would get knocked over by faster cyclists. The […]

Five Ways to Survive the Stampede With Kids

Games at the Calgary Stampede

I’m a born and raised Calgarian. I’ve been in the city for 30-some Stampedes. One would think I would have grown tired of the festivities by now, but to the contrary, I actually love this time of year. I was never one to be out partying hard for those 10 days, but I do love […]

Version Fun Summer Camp

Version Fun Summer Camp

Does your heart break a little bit every time you see other kids run off and join in on fun activities while your little introvert sits back by him or herself? Version Fun is the first summer camp designed for introverted children. The camps’ low child/instructor ratios make introverted kids more comfortable as they move […]