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Capture the Flag Paintball and Laser Tag

Laser Trek has a 9,000 sq foot black-lit maze with 3 levels for the games of Laser Tag and Airsoft. Their maze features all types of obstacles such as towering 9 foot walls, bunkers, ramps, mirrors and fog machine.

The Capture the Flag outdoor field is located on 116 acres of wilderness, just outside of Cochrane, Alberta, Canada. The area is divided up into 19 playing fields that feature a variety of terrain from dense forest to open hills. The playing fields include man-made obstacles such as buildings, towers, buses and old cars, which add cover and strategy to the game.


Laser Trek & Airsoft Arena

Where: 7905 Flint Road SE
Phone: 403-252-9444

Capture The Flag Outdoor Field

Where: Cochrane, Ab
Phone: (403) 247-8887