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Day Out With Thomas 2015

Day Out With Thomas at Heritage Park, Calgary. May 2-3 and 8-10, 2015.

Take part in what has become an annual spring family tradition with Day Out With Thomas, which is back and better than ever for 2015! Join Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt as they pull into Calgary’s Heritage Park Historical Village for Day Out With Thomas: The Celebration Tour 2015 on May 2-3 and and 8-10. Five full days of Thomas fun! In addition to a chance to ride in a train pulled by Thomas himself, there will be plenty of activities for little train lovers including a chance to meet Sir Topham Hatt®, plus crafts, storytelling, and much more!

Day Out With Thomas at Heritage Park, Calgary. May 2-3 and 8-10, 2015.

Heritage Park doesn’t officially open for the season until May 16th, but Day Out With Thomas guests can be the first of the season to experience the park’s antique midway rides, horse-drawn wagon rides, outdoor mazes, garden gauge model train display, children’s performers, and face painting.

Day Out With Thomas at Heritage Park, Calgary. May 2-3 and 8-10, 2015.

Be sure to get your ticket in advance to make sure you don’t miss out on the fun! Tickets are $23.10 (including GST) and are available by calling 1.888.222.6608 or visiting the TicketWeb site. Your ticket is booked for a specific departure time and you should arrive an hour prior to your scheduled departure time. The event runs rain or shine.

Day Out With Thomas Event Details:

When: May 2-3 and 8-10, 2015
Time: 9 am – 4:20 pm (12:30 – 3:50 pm on May 8th); departure time is specified on your ticket
Where: Heritage Park
Address: 1900 Heritage Dr. SW, Calgary AB
Phone: 1.888.222.6608
Ticket Website:

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Although we do our best to provide you with accurate information, all event details are subject to change. Please contact the facility to avoid disappointment.


  1. jasvir jassal says:

    My son loves Thomas and would love to go.

  2. My daughter loves Thomas!

  3. My son likes Porter because his name is also Porter. And he like Thomas, too.

  4. Christine says:

    The anticipation, seeing my children’s faces when Thomas is coming down the tracks to pick us with all of the other families, all the smiles, and the moment of just sheer fun, all life’s worries aside, that would truly be a gift.

  5. ramsha baig says:

    My kids loves loves loves Thomas

  6. My son loves Thomas but Percy is a close second because he is green :)

  7. My kids love Thomas, Hero and Edward. :)

  8. Christie says:

    My little one loves thomas!

  9. My twins would love this for their 3rd birthdays in May!!

  10. Would love to take my boy to this! Thomas is his favourite!

  11. My little guys would love to see Thomas!! There is a serious addiction for Thomas and friends in our house!

  12. Jennifer says:

    Horrayyy for Thomas! My son’s very excited to see Thomas! :)

  13. Laura Hit says:

    Thomas, of course!

  14. My son loves Thomas!

  15. This would be so exciting! My son loves Thomas.

  16. Vanessa carcha says:

    My son loves thomas and friends. To see thomas in person and be able to ride with him would be the happiest moment in his childhood life.

  17. My daughter loves Tomas!!

  18. Thomas!!!! Cant wait!

  19. Thomas or Percy are his favorite!

  20. My son has every train ever made knows the different categories and all the different paintjobs ha also has every track set made he would definatly love this

  21. I Love Thomas

  22. Sieuwke Kozielski says:

    We’ve always wanted to take our two kids (age 4 and 6) to this event. Would love to win tickets to do so!

  23. Chrystal in Canada says:

    Oh, my little one would be very excited to see Thomas in person! We’d love to win tix too :) What a neat idea for Heritage Park to draw in the crowds a bit early in the season.

  24. Kathryn Armstrong says:


  25. Sholezard says:

    Thomas ofcourse!!

  26. My son LOVES thomas, percy and james. Its a three-way tie :)

  27. My son takes Percy to bed with him at night, but honestly he loves them all.

  28. Thomas and Henry are my son’s favourites.

  29. Thomas is my daughter’s favorite

  30. Elescia says:

    Seeing Thomas chugging along and getting to ride the train is a HUGE treat! We <3 TRAINS!

  31. My twins would just love this!

  32. Charlie is my son’s favorite!!

  33. Beth Walton says:

    My youngest son like Thomas and Percy together has best friends. My older son likes the diesels! Thanks for this opportunity.

  34. My son would LOVE to see Thomas for his bday (May 10). He’s favourite is Thomas and Percy.

  35. My son would love to go. He likes Thomas and James. He enjoyed a lot last year for his birthday.

  36. Thomas

  37. Looking forward!!!

  38. My Grandson (James) Loves “James” the Red Engine.

  39. Stephanie says:

    SO much fun!!!

  40. My girls would love this as they have never gotten to go!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. We love them all!

  42. Charlie is my 2 year old’s fave!

  43. My twin boys love Thomas and James respectively!!

  44. Percy!

  45. Jennifer I says:

    My son always liked Emily!

  46. Percy is our fav

  47. Marlajne says:

    James is my favorite

  48. Percy

  49. This would be awesome! My son would just love this!

  50. My 2 year old nephews favorite character is Thomas!

  51. My 4 years old son is just crazy about thomas. He’s room is full of thomas’ s toys. I am so happy that he will get a chance to see thomas. Thank you !

  52. Thomas, but he does like the others too.

  53. andrea amy says:

    My boys like Thomas best. I’m not sure if its because he’s blue, he’s the main character, or because my 7 year old’s name is also Thomas, but he is their favourite :) Thanks for the chance.

  54. Janet Park says:

    She loves them all!

  55. Saskatoon momma says:

    Boh my girls love to watch Thomas, we’ve never heard of anything like. They would love to go and see the “real” Thomas.

  56. My son would love to see Thomas!!!

  57. Sandy Ross says:

    My son loves Thomas… And Victor… And Hiro… :)

  58. My son loves Thomas! He also like Percy.

  59. Denise M says:

    My little guy likes Percy!

  60. We are just starting to get to know the Thomas characters so I think Thomas and Emily are our favorite.

  61. My son loves Thomas best, but calls him ‘peep peep’ from one if his books.

  62. Heritage park is so fun!

  63. Natasha M. says:

    Emily. My daughter loves her!!

  64. We have nevet been to this show but I’ve heard great reviews. My kida and I would love to go.

  65. Leilani Olynik says:

    Our little 3.5 year old princess is completley addicted to Thomas… Her favorite dress up is her princess skirt, butterfly wings, and train conductor hat. She would die to see Thomas at her favorite place in the world: “the choo-choo park”!!!

  66. My son loves Thomas and Percy

  67. My daughter loves all of the characters. It has been an obsession for 2 years now. Lol

  68. My son would love to see Thomas with his grandparents when they visit from Ontario.

  69. Wow, my 3 year old woyl LOVE it! We’ll go even if we don’t win. :)

  70. My kiddies love Thomas! But Percy and Toby come close second

  71. this would be great!