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There are so many wonderful places for children to play in this city!

Watch for more coming soon!

Riding Around the Glenmore Reservoir with Kids #yycbikemonth


Like so many kids their age, mine find the call of large bodies of water hard to resist. Such was the case on an epic bike ride we recently took. We were three-quarters of the way through the trip when we came upon the Glenmore Reservoir. We walked to the very edge of the boat […]

Edgepark Ravine: A whimsical way to spend the day

Edgepark Ravine 4

I first learned about Edgepark Ravine via my friend Dana’s blog Calgary Playground Review. As the name suggests, she writes all about the best playgrounds in Calgary. Today was one of those not too hot, not too cold kind of days that is perfect for an outing to the park. My daughter is obssessed with […]

Calgary Playground Review On Breakfast Television

Dana, from Calgary Playground Review shares some hidden gems on Breakfast Television. Dana has been participating in the Kaboom Summer Challenge with her three year old son Gordie. They visit several playgrounds in Calgary each week and review them on her blog here.

10 Best Playgrounds In Calgary

Playground Princes Island Park

A compilation of the top 10 playgrounds in Calgary. The playgrounds were reviewed Dana (Playground Snoop) from Calgary Playground Review. Dana and her son Gordie explore Calgary looking for the best places to play. […]