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Calgary Stampede

It's the greatest outdoor show on Earth, 10 days of non-stop pancake breakfasts and country music ho-downs, a chance to spend time with barnyard animals and ride the midway — the Calgary Stampede isn't just an event, it's part of Calgary's identity. Family Fun Calgary is your one-stop hub for all the latest on family-friendly news, events, tips, and tidbits related to the Calgary Stampede. Yee-haw!

Calgary Stampede

The 2015 Calgary Stampede amps up the city's western spirit July 3-12, 2015.

For 10 days each July, Calgary gets back to its Western roots and whoops it up during “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”. Visitors from the world over, together with the plaid- and Stetson-clad locals, take in exhibitions, concerts, competitions, the midway and all manner of special events highlighting the ranching and farming roots of the Alberta […]

Five Ways to Survive the Stampede With Kids

Games at the Calgary Stampede

I’m a born and raised Calgarian. I’ve been in the city for 30-some Stampedes. One would think I would have grown tired of the festivities by now, but to the contrary, I actually love this time of year. I was never one to be out partying hard for those 10 days, but I do love […]

Going to the Calgary Stampede? There’s an app for that

Stampede How-to Guide

Seriously, what would an awesome event like the Calgary Stampede be without an app that tracks every event and activity happening during the city’s most notorious 10 days? The planner allows you to plan and adjust your time at the park with searchable information and filters, use a GPS-enabled map to navigate all the activity around […]

Family Fun at the Calgary Stampede

By the Banks of the Bow

We debated about driving out to Calgary from Vancouver this year for a summer visit and in the end the draw of family, friends and a week of Yee Hawing at the 100th Calgary Stampede was too much to resist. The Calgary Stampede kindly provided me with a pass and I brought my family along. […]

Making Friends at the Calgary Stampede


Today I decided to brave the heat and take the kids down to the Stampede grounds. Our first stop was the BMO Kids Zone where my little girl loved meeting Olivia, Jess and Lunette. They are some of her favorite characters from some of her favorite shows. Kids love nothing better than hands on play […]

The Calgary Stampede: A Family Affair

By Merry Kuchle The Calgary Stampede is the biggest event in Calgary’s social calendar every year. It is filled with cowboys and cowgirls partying all over town. This could lead you to believe that the Stampede isn’t really a family affair but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Today we headed down to the […]

The Calgary Stampede: Family Style

The Calgary Stampede

By Jen Gacek I remember a time when I would wait with eager anticipation for the Calgary Stampede. My mom would head down to 9th Avenue at 6:00 am and save a spot for us to watch the parade in the comfort of our own lawn chairs. The sounds, the smells (good and bad), and […]